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Visual Thinking 101

Thirteen all new therapy procedure using over 200 original digital images to challenge your patientís visual thinking, spatial, and organization skills. In fact, each of the 200 images can be displayed in one of four orientations creating over 800 image possibilities! These pictures, designed and chosen specifically for Visual Thinking 101 are loosely arranged in groups and in ascending order of difficulty. There are, for example, groups of parquetry block patterns, tic tac toe designs, 3D tic tac toe designs, random color patterns, real life scenes and patterns, etc. Some of the images contain several spatial orientation clues, some only a few, and some only one! With fewer clues, more visual discrimination skills are required. Some of the pictures contain clues that must be used to solve questions about left/right and up/down orientation. Then, different visual clues must be found and used to answer image rotation questions about the same picture! This module includes other activities to build visual memory, discrimination, laterality and directionality skills.
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Visual Thinking 101