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Track and Read

Track & Read contains 12 therapy procedures for developing saccadic eye movements, span of recognition, and visual sequential memory skills that are essential for fast, accurate reading. A suggested twelve week therapy program is included for maximizing results. This is not a reading program. Rather it uses uncomplicated number, letter, and bdpq targets in progressively more complicated sequences and movement patterns to develop and enhance eye tracking skills. Tracking Stories, however, does include 8 stories which can be used in the final phases of therapy to combine eye tracking with high level cognitive demands to fine tune saccadic tracking skills.

Track & Read uses a new concept in therapy that is only available in the computer environment. AUTOPACING allows each procedure to self-adjust to the patient's individual skill levels. With AutoPacing ON, the therapy procedure becomes more difficult each time a correct response is made and easier with each wrong response. Setting initial starting parameters for each procedure is easy with the AutoPacing option. Of course, AutoPacing can be turned OFF, allowing the practitioner to manually set the procedure's starting parameters and difficulty level.
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Track and Read
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