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      Computer Aided Vision Therapy (CAVT) Software Packages

Module 1: Track and Read Module 1
Contains 12 therapy procedures for developing saccadic eye movements, span of recognition, and visual sequential memory skills that are essential for fast, accurate reading. - More


Module 2: Visual Information Processing Skills (VIPs)
VIPs is an extensive program for developing visual thinking and procesing skills. VIPs is actually 6 therapy programs in one! - More


Module 3: Computer Vergences
Nine computer based therapy procedures for creating convergence and divergence prismatic demands using 12 different anaglyphic targets with suppression controls. Random dot stereograms and 3D targets can also be used to build fusional skills as patient performance improves. - More


Module 4: Visual Thinking 101
Visual Thinking 101 contains all new therapy procedure using over 200 original digital images to challenge your patient's visual thinking, spatial, and organization skills. In fact, each of the 200 images can be displayed in one of four orientations creating over 800 image possibilities! - More

Computer Vergences
Track and Read
Visual Info. Processing
Visual Thinking 101